I grew up in a small, southern town off the coast of North Carolina during a time of no cell phones, no cable t.v., and no internet.

It was awesome.

For fun, I walked in the woods with my best friend and we would pretend to be Queens of our own galaxies or rock stars from atop my picnic table in the back yard. We swung from a tire hanging from a long tree branch, ran in the rain and may have even mooned a car or two. I’m not saying which one of us did that as I have been sworn to secrecy.

We had a garden, pecan trees, muscadine¬†grapes, and fresh strawberries and even a fig bush or two. In other words, from farm–to-table was NOT a new concept for us. My mother was the heart of the family, cooking fresh food and canning vegetables that my dad grew in his garden.

We drank sweet tea from mason jars and hung our clothes out to dry, even though we had a dryer in the utility room. I think the term used today is called a laundry room, but I am a child of the 80’s and that is what we called it.

In the summer, we snapped peas, shelled beans, and shucked corn while watching our stories. We were never bored. In the fall we raked leaves . . . lots and lots of leaves. I hate raking today because of all the dang trees we had in our yard. In the spring, I ran barefoot in the yard, loving the feel of the cool grass between my toes.

And yes, I read.

I got excited whenever my mom took me to the library or to the local book exchange in our small town. Whether it was a comic book or sneaking a peek at my mom’s Harlequin romance–I was a voracious reader.

So, it’s not really surprising that I chose to write about small towns based in the south. It is nostalgic. It brings back memories of laughter, love, and family. It’s magical.

And for me, it is the core of what I think romance books should have.




Trish Dawson co-wrote her first novella, Rekindled, with her friend and partner-in-crime, Marliss Melton. She lives in North Carolina with her husband, two teenagers, and a cute, fur-ball named Maddie. She loves to read and writes stories with heroes who aren’t afraid of getting a little dirty. Her heroines always seem to reflect an element of humor, sass, and quirkiness so like herself. And be forewarned–she’s not afraid to put what she’s heard in a book, especially those sayings uttered by friends and family that make her laugh out loud.