New Release ~ Rekindled

A little over two months ago, a good writer friend of mine contacted me and asked if I was interested in co-writing a novella with her. I cannot express how excited and honored I was to be asked to work on this project. Marliss Melton is the bestselling author of SEAL Team 12 series (I’ve read all of them) and has since then has successfully self-published several Navy SEAL books on her own.

I have been blessed that our writing ethic and our writing voices blended so well together. Marliss was a joy to work with and I hope we can do it again!

Here is the delicious cover of our joint efforts.

Happy Holidays ~




Excerpt from book:


Alex’s hungry gaze slid over Tori, cataloging every nuance, every familiar curve. This has to work, he thought, trying to get a handle on his heart rate. There she was. Right in front of him, looking like she had in every dream he’d had for the past two years, only flesh and blood. It had been twenty-four endless months since he’d seen her. All that time hung like a chasm between them. If he didn’t win her back this Christmas, she’d be lost to him forever. Edging into the fragrant warmth of the bakery, he traced the delicate lines of her stunned expression as he raked the raindrops from his wet hair. Thanks to his mother and brother, he wasn’t walking into this minefield without a map. He had a strategy, and for his pounding heart’s sake, it needed to work. But as his gaze snagged on the beauty mark on her right cheek, all rational thought ground to a standstill. God, he’d missed that freckle. He wanted to kiss it. Kiss her until she melted in his arms like warmed wax. To hell with his strategy. Did Peyton even know she was ticklish at the crease of her elbow, the soles of her feet, and the spot right behind her ears where she smelled like vanilla, cinnamon, and Christmas morning? He knew it. And he could press his advantage at once if he wanted to. “Alex?” Her husky voice, breathless with incredulity, brought him back to reality. Her face lit up with such a welcoming smile that he closed the distance between them in three long strides and swept her up in his embrace, savoring the strength of her slender arms as she hugged him back. The feel of her soft curves pressed against him made him swallow a groan. One whiff of her heavenly scent and he felt like he was really home again. Why had he hesitated in the first place? Tori stiffened and pulled away, reminding him. Oh, yeah. She’d given herself to Peyton. “What are you doing here?” she asked, her espressocolored eyes wide with amazement. “When did you get in? Oh my God, you’re here. You’re actually home!” Hearing her chatter like a squirrel on crack eased the fear that she’d grown apathetic during his absence. That was clearly not the case. He could see her pulse jumping at the base of her throat. She had to be feeling it too, that visceral connection flowing like a current between them. But Peyton was in the picture now, and he couldn’t assume she would respond to him the way she used to. God knew he wanted to kick the man’s ass right out of the proverbial window, but he would not be that guy. If Tori was happy with him—really, truly happy—he would do the decent thing and walk away. But not before he gave his best shot at winning her back.


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